Decided to keep my WoW Sub

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I’ve thought about it for months, should I just let my account expire or die or should I keep WoW around a little while longer.  But today I decided to just keep renewing it.  Why when the game is so watered down for kids?  Meh, because I don’t think there’s a game in existance or ever in existance that will come close to it as far as replayability.  I thought that would happen with D3; that turned out to be farse.  Also, you kind of build a bond with your character.  I know it sounds crazy but it’s true.  I actually miss crushing foes with Gör (Death Knight), Stighmata (Priest), Anseis (Paladin) & Läw (Priest) and then there’s my legacy toons with the nostalgic factor that I raided with back in vanilla, Xeneca (Druid), Shaunie (Hunter – named my toon after myself), Neubia (Warlock), Sati (Shaman) and Squooshy (Mage); actually Stigh is one of my legacy toons too, it’s just he’s a really old toon that I still play.  He’s the only toon I created in 2006 that I still play today.

Since D3 was a royal flop for me, I’m going to start getting ready for Mists of Pandaria; farming gold, gems, etc and any things I may need to get a head start.  I probably won’t be playing hardcore or not even raiding, not sure what my focus is going to be beyond leveling a monk.  My main focus would be more along PvP anyways, PvE is the same. There’s the boss, oh looks there’s adds, kill them, stay out of the fire, oh look more adds, kill them, stay out of the aoe, phase transition, rinse and repeat, boss dead.  Same O, same o. I’ve even thought about power-leveling people for some cash. Who knows. WoW may not be like the old days but one thing’s for sure, there’s always sh*t to do.


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