Today was yet another gray and foggy day. Just drizzling with no purpose. I went to class this morning and had an Interview for this other place. I have another job interview tomorrow so I hope this one works out; when I asked they declined to provide me the pay grade over the phone. Great. She said it was an entry level IT position so I guess I can’t fret … the bad thing is that its at my former employer’s and I hated them but jobs around here are scarce so its not like beggars can be choosers. I also have an Interview next Tuesday with Verizon but I don’t think I am going to even do that for the simple fact that its all the way out in Virginia Beach which is like 30 miles away; the same distance I drive now to get to work.

But anyway, on with the day. I picked up a firewire card from my boy Mike and then attempted to do an oil change on my car. Too bad. I got nowhere because once I jacked the car up, come to find out there is some type of gooey seal on the oil pan bolt. Great. Excellent. So my intentions was to take about an hour to do that but instead I can’t get the frakkin bolt off so se la vi. I have to take it somewhere and pay for the oil change. I already bought my oil and filter so maybe they’ll give me a break on it. Who knows.


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