I hate it.  I don’t like being perma-saved to a 10 or 25 ICC regardless of which one I do. Why? Because right now I don’t have time to commit to the raid schedule of a guild and pug raiding was the only way I could still play and still get some stuff done. Fortunately I’m on a server that can run 11/12 ICC pugs for the most part, without much pain … but NOW being saved to both if I even kill 1 boss on either it leaves me very paranoid of the pugs I run with; I don’t want to get saved for the week to fail.  It’s too risky now that I’ll get locked out of doing ICC all together until reset.

I understand Blizz’s point is they want to round up everyone and throw them into a guild to get in better game play so everyone can *experience* their new guild leveling … HOWEVER, there’s people like me who have something that’s called, oh I dunno, a job? where I can’t spend time raiding with a guild because of my funky work schedule. I was perfectly somewhat content getting stuff moderately done pugging; now that avenue is cut off.

Thanks a fuckin-gin Blizz … you’re a bunch of geniuses up there. (not hardly) How about reducing the $14.99 to half since I can only play HALF the friggin game now.

Blizz’s response would be of course: You can always look for group  for raids that have killed up to the same point of bosses you have done.  But you know what? I HATE looking for group.  I spend up to an hour practically every week LOOKIN FOR VOA, ICC, RS, 5-man daily and not even to mention the 30+ minute PvP queues, I don’t want to spend another hour in oblivion LOOKING for something else.  I don’t want to spend hours looking for an ICC raid thats cleared up to the same amount of bosses. I spend so much time LOOKING for other raids and groups that before I know it, its been TWO hours and I haven’t FOUND  anything!  I’m still sitting in Dal …   Accomplishment = 0%.  Ya know sometimes I just want to login and do ONE thing but noooooooo I have to spend over an hour looking for other players just to play! WTF is up with THAT!?

/done venting


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