How to add friends on Steam ALMOST WITHOUT buying a game

I recently started using Steam when my WoW guild parted it’s ways for D3 but then that ultimately became a flop so we all just eneded up playing all different games but still wanted to keep in contact.  Sure we have Vent, but I’m not always in the mood to hear people’s voices, so I started using Steam.  Only problem I ran into Steam was you have to buy a game to use their friends client. Boooo. Lots of people told me they do it to keep out spammers, mmk yea whatever; believe that if you want to.  There’s a gajillion other ways to keep out spammers for free.But anyway, I looked in their list of games and saw that they all started from $4.99.  I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t particularly like throwing my money away from a game I won’t even play just to use their friends client, essentially meaning you’re paying $5 to use it. I tried doing it with a free game but that didn’t work and the Polish proxy route didn’t work either.  No matter what search criteria I used in Steam, it always started with a $5 game … I remained vigilant and found a way to “almost” get the Steam friends client free or at least without paying too much.  They have only ONE game for 99 cents, called Fortix; the rest are $1.99 and above.  Is it a good game?  I don’t know and I don’t care because I haven’t played it, but just pay 99 cents for Fortix and you’re in the client, so it doesn’t matter if the game blows or not.  Here’s the link and have fun.



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