How To Setup Subdomain Email Addresses On GoDaddy

A subdomain email address is an email address that has another name before the domain name. For example,; “money” is the subdomain.  Although it’s not very common to see them except for large domains that serve multiple functions so as to better break down their email uses. For instance, you can get general email from GoDaddy from email address but then you might get special offers from them at or get your inflated bill  from  When I was looking it up for myself, as usual there were no precise instructions, only speculations on how to do this, so I thought I’d write one to save people some hassle.  These steps are not limited to GoDaddy though as I am only using them because they are where my domain is registered with.  You can use them on anybody you host your domain with, of course the steps won’t be exact but you should be able to figure it out as the tactics are the same.

  1. Get your MX records information from whoever you are using to manage your email; if you are using Google Apps, it’s the list of ALT and ASPM addresses they gave you
  2. Login to your GoDaddy account at
  3. Go to Domains >> Management >> Domain Managementgodaddy
  4. Select the domain you want to add the subdomain email address to
  5. This will open up your  domain’s control panel
  6. On the far right side, click on Advanced Viewadv
  7. Scroll down to the bottom and on the far left side, click on Forward Subdomains fwdsub
  8. Fill in your subdomain details then click OK
  9. In the center where it says DNS Manager, click on Launch
  10. This opens the Zone File Manager
  11. Under A (Host) you should see your new subdomain, in this case moneyarec
  12. This is the part where you’re kind of on your own because you will need to fill in the details of whoever you are using to host our email account. Scroll down to where it says MX (Mail Exchanger) and fill in those MX details.
  13. Scroll back up and on the far right click on Save Zone File
  14. And voila you’re done
  15. It will give you some notice that it will take up to 48 hours but for me it only took 15-30 minutes for the new subdomain email started working
  16. If you have anything else on your email provider’s web site to complete you go back and do that
  17. Cheers!


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