Come on now wtf is going on seems like everywhere is having technical problems. Woke up first thing this morning, my email wasn’t working because Google Apps was down, then I call Geico to renew my policy and their system went down when I was on the phone with them and they said they’ll call me back in an hour, now I’m trying to pay my cell phone bill and their website seems to be having problems too because it won’t charge my credit card and keeps telling me to go a store to get a top-up card or wait 15 minutes and try again.  Well, it’s been 15 minutes, I’ve tried again, and it’s still doing it!  I have to go to DMV today, I already know that’s going to be a fook-over because it always is, which is why I hate going but what I have to do I have to go inside and can’t do it online.  Humans are making the Internet more complicated than it needs to be.  Making life harder and more time consuming rather than easier imo.  Get off the Internet if you don’t know how to operate on it!

OMG Internet fail!!


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