I Am Getting At Least 5 Political Calls A Day

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At 8am I am rudely awakened by a phone call taking a political survey. At 10am I am interrupted by a vote for Romney propaganda call. At 1pm I get another survey for a “who will I vote for” poll. At 3pm, I get another survey call. At 6pm I am interrupted by a vote for Obama propaganda call. At 9pm, I am interrupted by a “do you feel that you are doing better or worse under the Obama administration” survey.

This is what my home phone number has looked like every single day for the last 3 weeks. The political calls will not stop and there is no way to block them. Most of the time it’s the same robotic calls asking the same questions. I thought if I go ahead and answer the damn questions rather than hanging up on it, that they would stop calling; sadly it has not made one ounce of difference. They call back minutes later or the next day.

This is madness. I have now unplugged my phone when I’m not on a call.


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