That this Akin guy will either have an unexplained “accident” or  “mysteriously” come up “missing”

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In my honest opinion, I think he should drop out the race because not only is his image tarnished by his medieval remarks but also because everytime I see his face on TV, it infuriates me and I’m pretty sure many people around the world feel the same. Why should they let this worm even have an air spot.  I don’t vote for the GOP but if Akin had been a Demo and said that, I would want him to be dropping out of the race as well; The Democrats can now use him as their pet stooge.  I think right now he is staying in for his personal reasons and it hasn’t sunk into his thick noggin that he’s all washed up.  Right now I think he’s in that surreal world when something tragic has happened and he just can’t believe it yet, like its a dream.  Karl Rove and other supporters have pulled their funding.  He is not doing this for the benefit of his colleagues who are working so hard to win states, and then you got this stooge here that I’m pretty sure even less people take him seriously now.  We have a way to “shut it all down” really?  Gee, pretty sure the millions of women around the world who are “legitimately raped” (ALL rape is legitimate just an fyi) every year and have children out of it wished they could have “shut it all down”.

And then I read this scarey remark from one of Akin’s “followers” and she says

Ms. Barnes echoed Mr. Akin’s statement that very few rapes resulted in pregnancy, adding that “at that point, if God has chosen to bless this person with a life, you don’t kill it.”
“That’s more what I believe he was trying to state,” she said. “He just phrased it badly.”

And YOU didn’t phrase it any better.  This woman’s statement is EXACTLY why church is separate from state.  Once you start using god and the flying spaghetti monster as laws for society, it’s only a recipe for violence, civil war and riots in the future.  Wait … god has chosen to bless this person?  First of all, church has nothing to do with government so there aren’t any “blessings” being flung around here.  You think that its a blessing that someone got pregnant from rape?  Ya know, there’s another group of people who believe that too, they’re called The Taliban, and it sounds like Akin’s “fan bois” are just a stone’s throw from their beliefs.  I mean seriously, some people will believe anything and for someone to use their position of power to breed and spread ridiculous dark age beliefs and information like that, it’s dangerous. Next thing you know there will be violent, self-glorified, lynch mobs in front of abortion clinics claiming they are the “hands of god”, attacking innocent women because they feel its their “godly duty” to protect the unborn. It’s one thing to be pro-life but it’s a totally different thing when you’re not only spreading misinformation but also condoning that a woman has zero choice over her body if there’s an unwanted baby in it that she didn’t ask for.  There is nothing blessed about having some man, whether stranger or not, violate you and you have to live with this mentally for the rest of your life. THEN not only that you have to turn around and look in that child’s face every day and see HIS face?  Nope. Not going to happen because then that sets the child up for being treated like a pos for the rest of their life, through no fault of their own and abused. Of course there is always the adoption factor but still, its the fact that it happened.

I think Akin should quit while the good is going.


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