Well after all that went down about Chicago and getting back home on time, I finally told my husband that I wanted a divorce because (1) he has not supported me financially for school (2) I don’t like his personality (3) I had just had enough of constantly struggling for shit while he went about his life buying leisure things for himself while knowing I was struggling with needs of mine own. I can do bad by myself. Of course he did not like it so he went whining to my Mom what I told him about the divorce so my Mom and him talked then we all talked and still stuck by my guns. Then he finally gives up and says he will pay for my college and also give me $400 a month … I told him no, and he still kept persisting so I finally just said fuck it, okay I will try to make it work an un-teenth time.

He was happy … I wasn’t because honestly, I had it over my head with him and wanted to be done with him.


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