Once again I got the same letter from HU; to send them my tax forms … ONCE AGAIN!. I mean come on … how dim-wit can we be? I keep sending the same b.s. over and over again. This time not only that but I also got a transfer registration packet in the mail – well at least that’s something new … I dunno how far it’s going to get me because all my financial aid stuff is suppose to be filled out by August 2nd … because registration is long past due and my deposit is still a no-go so I hope that I am able to register for whatever I need to register for. That’s a little more than a week away though.

I will have to call professor Bracy tomorrow and ask him the requirements of the music scholarship so I can at least get to work on something before my hair falls out. I get to put it on tape (I think) so I am thinking of throwing “Cherokee” on there as a Grand “Kiss My Ass” Finale – how’s that for Affirmative Action … that should blow them away and maybe even get me more scholarship monay (and that’s no typo).

I am leaving for Chicago tomorrow so I am going to take out some pics … maybe I can take some to get rid of that cheesy pic on my Cnet Music page. Anybody out there from Chicago know where I can hang out this weekend?

Well … let’s look on the bright side … at least I got my Hampton University email address ;D


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