After I gave Ahmed a night to cool off … I came back to the house that afternoon and we talked. He said he was going back to Cali, he was staying at his friends house until then and we can get the divorce … what a SPLENDID idea! You see, I really did not care if my husband believed if I cheated on him or not. Of course I did not cheat on him, but if that is what it takes for him to believe in order to get a divorce, then so be it. Let him believe it. I am not going to try and argue or prove myself because I wanted this divorce from jump anyway. As far jump as 3 months after we got married and had I known what i know now … I would have gotten the marriage anulled because I did not like his personality. Like I always say … give men 90 days to expire and you will find out they are full of shit. If they last the 90 days, I usualy find out that I am right. Men expire after 90 days.

A great boulder was lifted off my shoulders and I felt as if I was going to float away. Finally, I am free!


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