Just spent the last 1 hour of my life …

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warcraft_orcs_humans-400-400… reading the entire history of Warcraft.  A VERY good read.  Obviously it wasn’t the entire thing, the relationships between characters is just too vast and complex to cover it in an hour, but it covered the warring part of it very well, hence the name “Warcraft”.  The only races that it did not include that are in the game were Goblins and the Pandarians.  Not only could I see the reasons why the factions and those outside the factions are constantly fighting, but also the graphics evolve from a 16-bit robotic and blocky looking humanoids to life-like 64-bit dragons and elementals.  I knew in certain segments why they fight so much but often I wondered why did this fight break out THIS time, and why was Illidan and Arthas so pissed off.  You should check it out and don’t skip the cinematics  🙂

Blizzard Entertainment is just amazing.  My second dream job next to working for NASA.  Dream jobs that will never happen  🙁

 The Story of Warcraft 


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