Lady Vashj

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Was rummaging through my pics and found this old school WoW screenshot I took on one of our attempts on Lady Vashj … before she wiped us all.  For all who don’t know she was the badass endboss for Serpentshrine Cavern in Burning Crusades.  She was one of the first bosses that ended the era of tank n spank bosses in WoW.  She is complete execution; no tankin in spankin here … or you would get spanked.  We did eventually kill her but like many cock block bosses … she’s the boss that broke the guild.  After we killed her, several people left the guild to form their own because they felt we took too many weeks to kill her and furthermore they were getting aggravated with the retards in the guild.  It took so many weeks to kill her due to incompetents who managed to get drafted into the guild cause the server was so lousy they were the only people we could find to fill the spots which in turn caused us to wipe so many times; it’s so hard to throw an effin rock I suppose.


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