For all of those who have been keeping track of my blog, you know that I just recently went through a separation and will be divorcing him. He told me not to write about it in the blog, but I thought what the hell … it’s my life so I will write about what I want to write about. Frankly, I am sick and tired of people telling me what to do.

But anyway, I removed my previous web site because I wanted to be done with him. I did not want to have in the back of my mind that he was reading what I put on the web … so I renamed anything that had to do with the previous web and started this one. No doubt, I know he will find my new web, I really don’t care if he does or not. I had changed my cell phone number because I did not want him calling me … but via the web, he found my new number and called me [eyeroll]. Ironically, he found it with the registration information from I had no idea I even had my number on the web. Nonetheless, with the Internet around, there is no longer any such thing as privacy; who was I kidding?

In a nutshell, he called to tell me what was going on in his life – not that I cared – and about his mail. He claims he would pay for the divorce when he outrightly refused before. Then later on in the conversation, he tells me that he met some girl. I find it great that he met someone but I really did not care about that either. It did not stun me at all. Actually, I thought it was great because maybe that would give him time to focus on someone else rather than what I am doing. He probably wants to get the divorce done so he can not feel guilty about talking to the other chic.

As for me, I’m not talking to anyone. I am pretty much done with men for a long while. They are too much maintenence and headache and to sit around whispering when you talk to other men, even if its your dad or brother, on the phone because your husband has a jealous streak where any male voice on the phone simply *has* to mean you are cheating, is just the pits. I will be glad when the divorce finally does go through so I can wash him completely out of my life and start anew. I am honestly thinking of moving. New place, new things. New people … maybe even people with common sense!


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