Tonight we had our concert at the ballroom at the Leadership summit which went relatively well until Roy, the piano player got in a heated argument at the dinner with Professor Bracey. Roy is a student and he told Prof B to shut up. Apparently, something had went down earlier and it all exploded after that. It got to the point that the school called security.

When the concert was over I checked my cell phone to discover that Theo had called about 14 times back to back. Wow! I left him a message about my concert earlier but I guess he did not check his msgs. I called him back but he did not answer so I was going ahead home … well that was until I realized I was running out of gas. I tried to make it to Theo’s house but he was not home when I got there. Then my car cut off right in his driveway. If anything can go wrong, if its my life, it will.

The car would not restart but then I got a call from Theo saying that his truck had broken down. I told him I had run out of gas in front of his house so I was unable to help him either. So I called cab who took us both to the gas station to get some gas. It would rain torrentially that night and my hair was soaked and so was Theo. But we got the cars running and I told Theo I would go home and take a shower and come back later. He said that was cool and I did just that.

Little did I know that I was in for a treat …

I spent the night at Theo’s that night and low and behold. There was drama that in the back of my mind I knew may happen but I did not think it possibly would. But like the headline of my blog says:

“in my life … if anything can go wrong … it usually does”

And it did. So without further bulshitting, I’ll cut to the JUICEY story.

As you know I spent the night at Theo’s. It was our average night sitting around watching movies and a little of the three-letter-word (smile) so about 1am we were both sleep until it was disturbed with a frantic knocking at the door and a “Theo come open this door!!”. It was her … Diedra, his baby’s Momma and she had brought along with her a bag full of drama. Theo did not answer the door, so she came banging on the windows, front and back screaming to let her in so I thought to myself where exactly was this going. Next thing I know I hear rattling at the back door and I told Theo she’s breaking into your house. Theo kept looking out all the windows I guess trying to figure out what to do next. So finally, yeah she broke in and had also brought a long a knife.

Now I know you may think, it’s a big deal and I don’t know anything about Diedra but I DO know she is a bigtime bullshitter; full of nothing but hot air. She is always talking about what she is “going” to do rather than just cutting down the bullshit and doing it. She is all mouth and no muscle and a compulsive liar. And I know that usually when people brag about what they are going to do to you, they have no intentions of doing it. See me, if I am going to steal on you, I won’t tell you … I’ll just do it – no words said. But anyway, she brought in the knife just to try and make me scared but I knew she was not going to use it. Just a prop for her Shakesperian act. Drama.

So Theo is trying to hold her back. I was in the bedroom. Then her friend came through the backdoor … some butchy, thug-looking girl named Shavon. Now albeit, I have never seen Diedra … just heard her mouth but I cracked open the bedroom door so I could have a look at her and to my surprise, she certainly was NOT all that. Her friend looked better than she. She was somewhat light-skinned, about 160 lbs, had nappy tracks all over her head … and in my mind I kept thinking … SHE is the one that he dumped me for 4 years ago? Is this Diedra the one I have been worried about all this time? Jesus-fucking Christ and standing there listening to her mouth, saying all types of off-the-wall bullshit, I was not jealous of her at all. See me, despite all the tomboyish aspects about me … I have class. When I used to work at Gateway, I was dubbed “The Diva”. I was slim, attractive, long hair, poise, and had manners. I have been told I was model-material which I can only accept as true since I *did* used to model when I lived in New York City. Now I am not trying to get all fat-headed about myself, but “classy-like” and smart women is what I thought Theo liked but this bitch was everything but. I was extremely surprised he would allow himself to fall for someone like that. She was loud, obnoxious, looked unkempt. To put it simple … she just looked plain GHETTO and certainly no one for me to be jealous over. No competition at all.

I sat down on the bed while they argued outside the door and my mind just went to another place. I suddenly felt that Theo deserved every bit of what was happening to him. How in the world, can he expect someone like that to want to be in a relationship? I am from the ghetto and I know that the last thing a woman from the ghetto wants is a relationship … especially when she does not have any money or anything else of her own. And especially if she is like oh girl Diedra, locked down with three kids by two different men and would have had four if she had not had an abortion.

After thinking all that, I found myself laughing at it all and how blessed I am. I am smart, in college, no kids, a car (allbeit its a piece of shit on the inside but phat on the outside), and how through it all, God has protected me from all the bullshit men by not giving me any children to be tied down to a sorry-ass muthafucka (including my husband) for the rest of my life. And due to that I don’t have kids, men won’t exclude me from the dating pool. Because after all, Theo has 4 kids … what real woman in her right mind is going to take a man with FOUR fucking kids? I mean the 4th one is not his but he has been taking care of her since birth. Even if he reduced the number to 3, still, what woman is going to take a man with 3 kids by two different women? No other woman BUT a ghetto girl who don’t give a fuck about him, herself, or anyone else. Basically, no one but a Y.A.D. (Yet Another Diedra). It says a lot abot his character and sexual practices. Had I not known him when he had the one kid, I would not have given him the time of day.

But anyway, Diedra is standing there showing off for her friend I guess and trying to make me scared. She told Theo straight up to give her some money and Theo says he does not have any. She whines about how the house is hers because she has his kids and all types of other nonsense that they should get married and put their money together. Yada, yada, yada. Anyone marry her? Yeah right. She slept with another man on Theo in addition to using him for his money so why would he even consider marrying her and if he does he outright deserves every bit of what comes to him.

When that conversation went no where, she started talking about she wanted to fight me and how she was going to fuck me up, cut me and flatten my tires … you know … that old high school nonsense. Theo asked why she wanted to fight me because I had done nothing to her, which was true. She said because I called her house. CORRECTION. THEO called her house one night and put me on the phone because when they discuss things, they don’t get anywhere in the conversation because she would just haul off yelling. He wanted her to leave him, as he stated “us” alone. And even then, when I talked to her, it was not anything to get mad over and neither of us got mad, not even her. Theo wanted me to simply ask her what would it take for her to leave him alone and her response was he should come and sign the child support papers. That was the end of the conversation. So why she wanted to fight me for that is beyond me. Grasping for straws I guess for a reason to fight me.

I was angered that my night got botched but I left and while I shut the door I heard her say “She ugly” and I started to go back in there and show her what ugly was … but hold up … the night did not end there.

It’s about 2am, frost was already on the ground by then so I turned my car on to warm it up and sat on the trunk. Diedra and her friend come out of the house too. I just sat on the trunk of my car watching them. My car warmed up and I got in. Diedra and her friend pulled up beside me and I snatched my car in reverse skidding wheels and pulled up nose-to-nose to her car. She pulls around me and gets behind me. So you know me … the street racing fiend felt that adrenaline rush and I had to take her on the Interstate for the race. Theo calls me on my cell phone and says not to go home since she was following me. Of course, I’m not that dumb to drive home.

I take her onto the Interstate and her friend’s raggedy car is having a hard time keeping up the ramp so I kindly slowed down for them, waited until she pulled up beside me and Diedra starts yelling something out the window. I don’t know what she said and really don’t care. All I know is I tried to pull them. I started going faster and faster while she hung out the window yelling at me then I whipped the car in third and that was all she wrote. I redlined the car and she was left still yelling out the window eating my dust.


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