This weekend was Tanika’s birthday (Theo’s now 10 year old
daughter); it was actually the 11th but she wanted to have a
sleepover at her daddy’s house so she invited four of her
friends over and Theo asked me to help out. Of course, I would
do anything to help Theo.

Her mom brought her over without a sleeping bag nor night gown
so while Theo ordered pizza and sat with the girls, I went out
and bought Tanika a Scooby Doo pajama set, picked up her
Sponge Bob birthday cake and some party favors. I already knew
Tanika from when I first met Theo and I thought my she had

She is such a sweet girl and funny too. I got to meet her Mom
for the first time and she had corn rows in her hair and
seemed so scared of us for some reason. She walked with her
head down and did not even want to look at us. Oh, the *us*
was Brenda, her white-girl friend and Tasha. Shame I cannot
even remember the white girl’s name and we have hung around
for quite some time, but anyhow, we all sat in Theo’s room,
watched a movie, shut the door and smoked while the girls
played outside.

Thing is that Theo’s sister had come over too to bring gifts
as well as Theo’s Mom and Dad and we all were just talking and
then they took the girls home. There was not much to that


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