So far its been a laid back day @ work … of course I have prolly spoken too soon and I’m about to get a hate call. But the good news is I’ve decided to revamp up my own business again. Don’t know why I stopped when the first time when it was rolling good . Well, actually I do know why I stopped; because I had started the business when I was going to Hampton University and I needed money … my work and school load got too much that I started failing at both work and school so I gave up work (my business) to work on school.  My business first started when I saw a flyer on the board in the dorm talking about support for computers but you have to disconnect your computer and drag it down to the computer lab yourself. Fuck that. Who the hell’s got time for that. So I got some free business cards made through Vista Print and put them up on that same bulletin board saying I would come to your dorm room … then the calls started rolling in. Business got good so I put an ad in the phone book. Then business really got good. Too good in fact. I was making in one day what people would make in one pay period on a normal job. But then I couldn’t handle it and I dropped it for school … now that I look back on that; it was a bad idea.

Gonna start up my business again though … just don’t know how I’m going to juggle it with a regular job.  Because its always slow starting off at first.


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