My Care Meter

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Tomorrow is my Friday @work so hope no one comes to me with anything stupid. My care meter on Sundays is like at one notch and thats with the pedal to the metal.

I have no idea what I’m going to do on my days off next week.  Maybe try to take over the world … or come up with a better plan for world domination; who knows.  Dunno if I’ll even log into WoW because the game has gotten extremely boring and dry being that I’m not in a guild. And the daily grind is such a drag since I don’t need any frosts for anything. I thought about also spending it finding a new job but I like my employer … I just hate my position.  Now I wish I never took the position so I could come through the door as 2nd tier, hence avoiding the whole general public all together.
But anyway, it is what it is.  At least  I didn’t get called a bitch today.


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