My Tortoiseshell (Tortie) cat Allie that ive had for about 12 years I adopted from a veterinary hospital.  Although I’ve always thought she looked more like an owl than a cat.  She was “dumped” in front of a veterinary hospital.

Story goes that someone dropped off a bag of dog food in front of the veterinary hospital and the staff thought it was just a typical dog food donation.  But when they opened it they found a little Tortie kitten inside and they named her “Allie” because she was an alley cat, another name for a stray cat for those who don’t know.  The veterinarian there decided to keep her but as she grew up, she refused to use the litter pan and kept shitting on his carpet, so he didn’t want her anymore because she was ruining the carpet.  So he put her up for adoption at his veterinary hospital where I came along and adopted her; I didn’t change her name.  I had hardwood floors so she didn’t shit on my floors; she always used the litter pan.  Seems she likes to dunk on carpet for some reason mistaking it for dirt maybe.

I found that Allie is an absolutely hateful cat.  She absolutely hates going outside.  A typical cat would walk outside if you leave the door open but Allie just prefers to sit in the windows watching the world go by.  When I put her outside she immediately fights to get back in.  She’s a pure house cat.  She’s very hateful though. It’s been 12 years and still she doesn’t come to me when I call her name.  Her rules are “I’ll come to you when I damn well please”.  She will come to me when she feels like it and if I try to come to her most the time she just runs off.   She’ll come but stand just enough to have me in view and then meows but no further unless I have food.  She bites too.  If you pet her she’ll tolerate it for a few minutes and then will just randomly hiss, growl, bite you and then run off.  She hates being picked up too.  If you pick her up majority of the time it ends up being a “squirm” fest. I thought maybe she was just lonely so I got her another cat buddy.  Well, I found that she hates other cats too.  She watches them from a distance but never approaches them.  If they come too close she will hiss, attack and then run off.  She still has a cut ear from a previous spat she had with one of the cat buddies I got her.  It really wasn’t a fair fight though.  Allie is spayed and declawed but when the fight happened between her and the other cat, I had just gotten the other cat so he wasn’t spayed or declawed yet.  Yea Allie’s an evil cat so she kinda has her space and I have mine. Only on her good days does she let that line cross.

She’s the cat that put the meter in care meter … she just doesn’t care

Tortoiseshell Cats


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