My Husband & I’s First & Last Fight

This entire weekend since we have been back from North Carolina has been completely ridiculous. First off, I left this out on the blog but the night before we were scheduled to leave back home from Chicago, Theo called while I was on the phone and I was playing Spades with my husband and my sister. First of all, my husband felt kind of intimidated by the game because he did not know how to play. See, my husband is a have-to-know-it-fuckin-all so when he does not know about something, he won’t even try among the presence of people because he is afraid to be laughed at, even if the ppl are laughing with him and not at him. Basically, he don’t know how to take shit for a joke. But anyway, Theo called while I was playing with them and then all of a sudden my husband jumps up from the game and says he does not want to play anymore and he storms from the room. My sister and I look at each other like now what.

So I tried to coax him back upstairs to play the game and he starts yelling about me cheating on him with Theo and all types of stuff saying that I intentionally talk to him with my voice low on the phone so he could not hear our conversation. Yes, I did do that … but its the same thing I do with any male voice on the phone, even my dad, because of that fuckin reason; he gets suspicious of any male who calls me and then he starts acting shitty. Digging through my phonebook trying to find “clues” I guess. Theo had called like after 1am but then again … Theo was drunk as well and he does not usually call that late; he is usually sleep by then. He does all types of off-the-wall shit when he is drunk like calling and earling on the phone because he is so fucked up.

And Theo and I weren’t talking about anything. Theo was doing all the talking which was mostly drunkards talk; everything he said was slurred and almost un-understandable so I was just replying with “yeah” and “uh-huhs”. My husband tried to claim that I was giving short answers because I did not want to say what I wanted to say on the phone. Yeah right whatever. I was giving short answers because what Theo was saying was not making any sense so I was acting like I was listening but I was really into the game. But anyway, my husband storms out the door and does not come back until like 6 in the morning which was long after we were suppose to leave so we could have the truck back on time to Thrifty. My aunt and my mom were pissed.

So we got the truck back an hour or so late so we accrued another day fee. Of course, Ahmed got mad because the rental truck was on his Discover card … but had he not been late from hanging out with his friend at the titty-bar because he was mad at me for no logical reason, only under assumption, he would not have gotten the extra fee and my Mom said from the go she was NOT paying for the extra fee because it was his fault we were late with the truck.

Of course … he got mad at my Mom for that … Ahmed … always the victim.

(… cont’d)


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