so i absolutely *hate* this phone; it’s big … it’s clunky and it feels like i’m walking around with a 1980’s laptop on my hip. i mean, the thing is heavy … almost like a brick. i’m damn sure i could throw it and give someone a concussion. i mean for real … you couldn’t be cute with it if you were paris hilton which by the way i am glad the judge landed her alcoholic ass in jail. but back to my review right now i’m using it as a personal phone but if i should ever get a second line with sprint, i will definately make this my *lightly used* business phone; i love leaving this cell phone at home. my virgin mobile slider i got is way light weight and manageable. some how the little black button on the mouse managed to pop off somewhere and i can’t find it. i mean come on … for a once $400 phone, i don’t expect things to just “pop off”. i got it with a nice rebate tho.


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