Furnation.com where I keep my furry art is down (again). I didn’t have much up there anyway but I was wondering where all my hits had gone … that’s why. The place is just gone. But they’ve been going up and down through the years so maybe this is the final kick in the neck for it. The issue was that their servers crashed … yeah. Heard that about a million times.

But anyway, things are looking on the up and up. School is going okay. I did my speech on Wednesday for Speech class so I hope it got a good grade; it took a lot of studying.

Today it is all raining hard, dark and dreary so its a perfect day to study. Although I have to go to work, when I get off, I think I will just lounge around the crib cleaning and washing clothes. Since I have bought my new car in June, I have only washed it ONCE so you can imagine the filth that’s on it; an entire summer’s worth. I just have not been in the mood to clean it and since its raining today, and will be the entire weekend, there is no point in doing it. I need to get my oil change and tune up though. Damn check engine and maintenence lights keep coming on. It’s really aggrivating to see that little yellow light dancing in the corner of my eye.

Last Tuesday I went to the Social Services office to apply for food stamps and guess what … I was DENIED because they said I make too much money. TOO MUCH MONEY??? After I pay for my bills, I have about $150 for the month to live off of. They said in the state of Virginia, you can make no more than $1030 a month to qualify; well, I only make $1330 so I got disqualified behind $300. The social worker said they don’t even add in the bills you have to pay. So that leads me to ask, what the FUCK kind of person in this world does not have any bills? It is because of bills that people don’t have any money so why don’t they factor those in? Unless, you live out on the street and have nothing to pay for but to feed your ass. The standards they go by is completely unrealistic. The national poverty level is $17,000 so why doesn’t the state recognize that and adjust the amount accordingly?

I see why the hell people don’t work and stay on welfare because they don’t make enough money working average jobs, so they make sure they keep themselves below the $1030; playing the system. I would go under on my car payment without that $300. IF it was not for the car payment, my life would be a whole lot easier.


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