Wow look what I found!

I remember this song … It was the first Jackson song I ever heard. I first saw it as a video when I was prolly around 8 years old altho the song was already old by that time; I was only 3 years old when it was released. But I didn’t know it was made by The Jackson 5 until I saw it in the Michael Jackson video collage at the memorial service today. I saw the 3 second clip of Michael clapping his hands together and I said hey I remember that video! I remember my mom playing it endlessly on the record player and I would dance in the middle of the living room with my mom twirling me around. And then i’d be like play it again mom! And she would until she got sick of it. Lol. I always thought that video was the most amazing and magical thing I ever saw … I will miss MJ a lot tho … I remember moonwalking in the hallways in elementary school … I tried it a few days ago and was surprised that I could still do it. I guess mmonwalking is like riding a bike … You never forget. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.


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