Obama Says 90% of Americans Support Gun Background Checks

“Right now, 90 percent of Americans — 90 percent — support background checks that will keep criminals and people who have been found to be a danger to themselves or others from buying a gun. More than 80 percent of Republicans agree. More than 80 percent of gun owners agree. Think about that. How often do 90 percent of Americans agree on anything?” – President Obama


Wow really? Are you sure about that number Mr. President? 90% of Americans support gun background checks? When was this vote held because I sure didn’t see any national vote on it. Who did this voting because I sure as hell wasn’t invited. When did all 313,914,040 of the U.S population go to the voting booth to vote on this?  When my apartment and my neighbors and I cars got shot up in a drive-by shooting between two idiots who shot up everything on the block but themselves, I’m pretty sure those stupid (insert n-bomb) didn’t have any permits.  When I was a kid and drug dealers and thugs were settling their disputes every night with gunfire running down the street and I had to get on the floor to dodge airborne bullets, pretty sure they didn’t have permits either.  

When I witnessed a man die across the street when his girlfriend shot him in the head while he was in his SUV, pretty sure she didn’t have a permit either.  And every summer when it gets hot outside, gun shots are heard in the middle of the night; pretty sure they didn’t have permits either.

On top of that our government uses “double speak” when they talk about the gun issues.

Doublespeak is language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms (e.g., “downsizing” for layoffs, “servicing the target” for bombing [1]), in which case it is primarily meant to make the truth sound more palatable. It may also refer to intentional ambiguity in language or to actual inversions of meaning (for example, naming a state of war “peace”). In such cases, doublespeak disguises the nature of the truth. Doublespeak is most closely associated with political language.

They try to trick the American people when they say “illegal guns” by having them believe that they are actually talking about illegal guns such as guns that are trafficked through the underground black market throughout the country that filter into inner cities, but they are not referring to illegal guns in that way at all.  They are referring to “illegal guns” meaning guns that the person is not permitted to have, or a gun seller who isn’t doing the background checks properly, or a banned gun model, legally obtained modified guns or a gun someone has without a permit.  They aren’t talking about the thousands of underground trafficked guns that make it into the hands of gangsters, criminals and other underground buyers with the intent of doing crimes with it.  People who obtain these guns already have criminal records and would not be able to purchase a legal gun anyway. So NO a background check isn’t going to do anything to these people, in fact the gun laws our government is pushing have nothing to do with them and they will continue business as usual. So people who live in high crimes areas like where I used to live where you have to deal with gun fights by stupid (drops n-bomb) all the time, never mind what our government is saying.  Our neighborhoods are not going to be getting any safer by these laws our government is trying to push.  They talking with a double-tongue as all politicians do.

For inner city people, gun violence is not going to change for us.  The guns will continue to flow in and out of our cities from infinity and beyond until the gun trafficking supply is cut off, existing guns are confiscated, and then we will see gun violence dry up because there will be no way for those criminal to get guns.  They’ll resort back to jumping each other (like gangs used to do, hence the reason to be in groups), using their fists and knives like they did prior to the 80s.

Come on now, stricter gun laws has never stopped any criminal.  Illegal guns on the streets are available to any Tom, Dick and Harry which also includes military guns; gee Mr. President, how did THOSE get out into the public?  Maybe you should start policing the military who might be somehow selling these guns. THOSE guns are the problem, not legal ones people buy at Walmart or the gun shop across the street.  Criminals stay off record on purpose. They aren’t going to just waltz into a gun shop.



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