So you wanna secede from the United States?

I say let ’em; no sweat off my brow whatsoever.  In case you live under a rock, most if not all the states, have petitions on the White House web site to “peacefully” secede from the United States.  I live in Virginia in which there was a petition to secede from the U.S. … hello excuse me?  I am not seceding from anything.  I am not leaving my life behind because a few butt-hurt Tea Bagging pricks are mad that their candidate didn’t win the election.  If you want to secede from the U.S. then you pack your bags and gtfo; no one is stopping you.  Don’t let the Constitution hit you in the ass on your way out.  No matter how boring it is, I am still proud of my state and country through the good and the bad.  I tolerated Bush; I didn’t like him, but you didn’t see me or anyone else crying about they wanted to leave the Union.  No we all sucked it up and stuck through the fail.

Now mind you, nobody wanted to secede from the United States when Bush destroyed our economy.  Nobody wanted to secede from the United States when Bush set off on his witch hunt over weapons of mass destruction that were never found because they never existed in the first place, killing thousands in a fake war. Nobody wanted to secede from the United States, when Bush was making this country go into ginormous debt.  And where were the Tea Baggers through all this?  They were nowhere to be found because they were convenient and comfortable with all of it including starting a war based on emotions.

So now we have a President who wants to invest in our country and put a system in place designed for the future, to help those who are struggling and ignoring the fact that our President decreased our taxes at the beginning of his first term AND delivered Obama’s head on a silver platter AND saved our auto industry which would not exist today if he hadn’t AND provided immediate support for Hurricane Sandy victims AND getting new green jobs on the market so we can live cleaner for the future AND getting ways for us not to depend on foreign oil … and all some ungrateful American people can say is now they want to leave the United States?

This is all because the man is black; nothing more, nothing less.  All that other crap about Obamacare, taxes, welfare (of which I can guarantee there are thousands of Tea Baggers on) and everything else is just an excuse to cover up the REAL reason because taxes have been going up since America was created, welfare has been in the U.S. since the early 1800s government and welfare has been a constant argument since it was created in the 1930s.  People are scared of Obamacare because it is new, BUT at the same time we cannot continue health insurance on the same road because the number of uninsured people walking around is just going up and up every year because insurance is too expensive for everyone to pay for; we can’t continue on that route or we’re going to have insurance only the wealthy can afford.  The only reason they are against Obam is because he’s brown and the racists truly believe if he’s not white, then he’s not right.  They do not trust the country in the hands of a black man, despite his credentials.   If Obama were white it would be business as usual in the United States just like it was business as usual when Bush was raping it.  Sure there would have been a little protesting here and there, but it would not nowhere of this extent.  Obama could be the Pope himself and they would still believe he’s stupid.  They seem to believe that the color of one’s skin is a measure of one’s intelligence and character, even though he’s been in the government most his adult life, they believe he is incompetent. I see we still have white Americans who haven’t learned a  thing from history and they never will; we can only hope they die off and they haven’t poisoned too many of their children with their disease.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some Tea Party members that are truly honest people who just don’t agree with Obama’s politics and that’s cool, those are not the people who piss me off because they have an intelligent, logical argument against the President that they are entitled to, but  then there is another side to the Tea Party. A strong, dark lot of them, reminiscent of the 1950s, KKK, Neo-Nazis and other hate groups, and who are extreme  Christians and/or racists who have already shown that they will not stop by any means to stir things up and sabotage this country just to turn people against Obama. I would feel comfortable betting that the people who started the secession petitions were Tea Baggers.  In fact, a few of the secession petitions were created by the same person and they didn’t even reside in the state in which they created the secession petition for. The Tea Baggers preyed off of people’s emotions, bigotry and hate and turned it into a movement.   And we all know from history that religious driven hate is the worst hate of any kind on the planet because they feel they were “chosen” and it is their “divine” and “god-given” duty to become their god’s “hand of retribution” to protect something.  I am not talking about the civilized Tea Party members, I am talking about the handful of radical ones and personally, I believe those handful of radicals are just a stone’s throw from becoming home-grown terrorists. I mean seriously, you don’t see Mexican hate groups, Black hate groups, Asian hate groups etc, creating organizations across the country and having hate rallies; you see only the white people doing this.  Unfortunately, THESE particular radical white people are derived from centuries of hate that carried down through the generations, which white Americans that squashed the racist tradition at some point, never dealt with .  They just allowed them to fester and grow.  These particular white Americans,  never came to face their demons and now this is the white trash we are left to deal with in 2012.

By the way I know the secession would never happen in the first place in any of the states because just as there are people who want to secede there’s to be millions times more people who will not want to secede, so I know this will not happen.  But it’s just the audacity of some people who still haven’t gotten over the race card. Build a bridge and get over it.  You guys are the ones who are dividing this country and will make this country fall, not President Obama.

America herself will not survive in the 21st century unless she comes to tap into the diversity that is her’s and stop pursuing this kind of divisive policy. This is more of a threat to the future of America than anything ever posed by the old USSR. We will explode from within unless we all understand we have a stake in this system and that’s the compelling issue; not whether we like each other, not whether we love each other, not whether it ever started out right, not whether we should be angry with anybody. We won’t survive unless we understand we’re in it together.

– Mayor of Washington D.C. Sharon Pratt Kelly, The Issue is Race, 1992


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