Sprint PCS Getting On My Nerves (part deux)

Well, I finally got off the line with Sprint about this and of course like I knew it was a no-go. She said they updated their system and there is nothing anyone can do about it. She said it’s good for some people and bad for others but how is it any good to anyone to have their cell phone number displayed to every friggin Picture Mail they send to anonymouse people on the Internet?

Please … spare me the bull Sprint. it’s really starting to reek.

So, I asked her to give me the address to write a complaint and she said hold on. That was the end of transmission. I don’t know if she dropped the call or what but there was a long period of silence, about 10 minutes worth and she never came back on the line so I just hung up. I will call back to get the address later.

Sprint … what a hoot. And I’ve been a Sprint customer for over 2 years now with never an interruption in service or a late bill. *eyeroll*


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