Okay, I have finally got pics to post back on my blog via my cell phone but the problem is that Sprint has slaughtered my pics with friggin ADS!! I pay $67 a month for my cell phone service for them to murder my photos with advertisements and promotions??? WTF!!! Before Sprint changed their system last week, I could post pics and it would ONLY be the pics but now there are ads promoting their new line of phones, new Picture Mail service and everything.

I don’t appreciate Sprint using my pay-for service through them to advertise their products. They are a well-known multi-million dollar company which really does not need any introduction than to go around putting ads on the things that people who already pay for their service skewing everything up.

I also don’t appreciate them putting my CELL PHONE number within the advertisements. I don’t want my email address displayed to every Tom, Dick and Harry on the Internet that I send an email to. But anyway, I’m on the phone with Sprint now trying to resolve this but I don’t think they can because my cell phone is WITHIN the advertisements.


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