Tonight I performed with the HU Chamber Orchestra at the Convocation Center for Handel’s Messiah; it went fairly well although I was pretty much bombed out by the 12th movement. For all who don’t know, the piece has over 45 different movements and we played from the first movement all the way until I think it was the 48th movement. Whichever movement Hallelujah is.

The stage was ligned with Poinsiettas and at the end of the concert, I noticed people were taking them so I asked if I could take one and the lady said I could take any of the ones at the bottom of the stage; I wanted to get one for my Mother. Obviously not for myself – I’m not into all that girly flower shit. Unfortunately, all that was left was a scrawny, runt, Charlie Brown Christmas Tree-looking one. I was about to leave with it, but I thought maybe there were some more on the other side of the stage that no one was thinking about. Everyone was on the left side of the stage going out the exit door; the right side of the stage was practically vacant. So I hurried to the right-side of the stage and low and behold, the biggest and the LAST Poinsietta left and I grabbed it; IT WAS MINE!! I put the Charlie Brown one back – maybe someone else would want it. Just when I grabbed it, another lady asked if that was the last of the big ones and I told her Im going home to give it to my Mom – ya know I had to add that last part so she can feel sorry for me (wink).

I was so happy I got the biggest one and I took it home to my Mom because she likes plants so I know she would like this one – she loved it. She said she could not believe how big it was. So we sat it on top of the entertainment center but she said I have to help her keep it alive until Christmas. Keep in mind people … she is talking to a person who killed not one … but TWO cactus plants. Only *I* could kill a plant that doesn’t need water. I will try to keep it alive longer if possible but I know I will kill it … I kill everything. I am like the Grim Reaper for plants. If they are in *my* care, death is inevitable.

But anyway, it was all good. (yawn) I’m bushed.


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