Got an official email from Twitter today saying that Twidroyd for Android was suspended due to a violation …. of course it doesn’t state what the violation was.  Probably something stupid like copyright crap.  I mean seriously, as long as I can get my news tweets, I don’t care what the fuck Twidroyd does.  There is nothing personally identifying information on Twitter other than your birthday and even that info you can lie about if you’re so concerned about your info, and you can use whatever name you want so I don’t see what the big deal is.  Just another big whale trying to swallow up all the little fishes.  I mean come on seriously, Twitter’s Android app sucks so I’ve never used it.  In fact, they have plenty of low ratings for the official Twitter version while Twidroyd has more 4 and 5 star ratings.  But ya know … haters will be haters.  Not Twidroyd’s fault your “official” app sucks balls and everyone chose another app over your’s.  In fact, I didn’t even choose Twidroyd; it came already installed onmy Virgin Mobile LG Optimus that I got 2 weeks ago.  Not as good as Tweet that came stock on my HTC Hero when I had it, but still Twidroyd’s a good app nonetheless.  But here is the email received.    /sigh so now I’m off to try and find another Twitter app to use for my Android … and it sure as hell won’t be Twitter or any other of their “official” apps.  Can click for a larger image.

Smells like a load of bullshit to me …



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