Lich King Kill

That’s how long it took us to clear ICC10.  7 hours. People complete work shifts in 7 hours. People have babies in 7 hours. People wait in lines at Walmart for 7 hours … they should never take 7 hours to clear an instance in a game.  Most of it had to do with epic downtimes of say like oh … 1 and 2 hours because people kept getting disconnected but the raid lead was so bent and determined to kill Lich King he always had replacements.  But then again time and space began to merge it was taking so long, I lost track of time.  All I know is we started at about 10pm and I went to bed at 5am. It was weird.  I was seriously about to rage quit the raid and go to bed but Marex was hell bent on getting his Kingslayer title because he didn’t have his yet.  I got mine long time ago so there was really no gain for me being there other than some chance at loot to replace my 251 items and getting some hard modes done to complete my achievement. So good thing we did most the instance on hard modes of course except maybe 4 bosses including LK.  It all paid off in the end though since the mofo finally died.  We had many many attempts though only because we had (once again) alot of pug people who didn’t know the fight.  And the obnoxious pug tank was getting on my nerves. Argh. He’s like “I’VE NEVER DONE THE LICH KING BEFORE!!!” on Vent blowing everyone’s ears out.  /facepalm  Some people just have fail written on their foreheads.

Nonetheless, Marex got his Kingslayer title and I got my bed so it was all good in the end. Oh and yea I won something with no competition again Frost Giant’s Cleaver (Heroic).  Now to get rid of my fail boots.


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