An in-game friend of mine came on begging me to come to Kel’Thuzad so we can make a guild in Cataclysm … and ya know I woulda been all cool with it …. until he told me he re-rolled to Alliance  /sigh.  I haven’t played Alliance since Wrath release when I leveled my Shaman, Izri to 80.  And ONLY then I logged on to Alliance just to get her to 80.  After some more thinking, I was like do you want to go into Cataclysm in constant search for a guild only to find yet another bunch of assholes on Mal’Ganis or do you want to be already in Cataclysm in a guild with people you already know and already know they’re badass?  People you know that are going to show up for raids, don’t ignore boss mechanics, and pretty much know the game as well as you?  So I vouched for the latter and tranfserred Gör the Orc from Mal’Ganis to Gör now the Human on Kel’Thuzad.  And I have to say is I got more done in 24 hours on KT than I ever got done on Mal’Ganis in a very very long time so so far I’m glad I transferred.

When I first transferred to the server, it put me in Stormwind  /yawn.  And as soon as I walked out the Inn, Gör was like a magnet.  I think I had like 5 people inspect me and tell me I (my toon) looked cool.  I was like wow this is a really polite server compared to Mal’Ganis where EVERYONE looks cool and I’m just a drop of water in a bigass sea and everyone’s egos are bigger than that sea.

I spent much of the day helping Marex getting Justice Points and blowing all my own JP’s and Honor Points to get him some gear. After he logged, I noticed that all my lockouts had been reset  😛  so I could do ICC for a second time this week!  YAY and I’m glad I did.  Ran into a bunch of cool guys in a guild called De Ja Vu … once again a military guild but some funny ass people.   We cleared all the way up to Sindragosa with alot of  heroic modes and I won  Collar of Haughty Disdain to replace my Wrathful Gladiator’s Pendant of Triumph because a neck never dropped for me.  Although, I don’t know if  I can effectively say “I won” it because in order to win something, one must have a nemesis or some kind of competition, but I was the only melee DPS  in the raid so I was the only one who rolled, which I thought was weird; there were the 2 tanks, the 2 healers, everyone else was ranged DPS and then there was me.  But anyway, we cleared all the way up to Sindragosa (something I could never do on Mal’Ganis for some reason seeming it’s the number one server in the U.S. – so far I haven’t been unimpressed) and got to phase 3 on Lich King until he owned us all.  I just lol’d at our first attempt because I swear that was the fastest Defile I’ve ever seen.  After the Remorseless Winter phase, I was beating down one of the Raging Spirits and then turned around … and to my surprise a Defile was already down and had spread to halfway across the room because the stupid pug Druid tank who obviously didn’t know the fight, continued to tank LK in the Defile and didn’t bother to move … AT ALL!  The raid lead eventually kicked him from the raid.

After about the 4th attempt, we got LK to 18% before wiping but it was an awesome attempt.  They thought I was cool and was impressed with my damage and they’re like come to our guild! And I told em I couldn’t stay after Cataclysm cuz me and a few friends were making a guild. So they were like cool! and invited me.


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