Tonight’s pug ICC25 wasn’t bad at all. I got Deathbringer’s Will; I’ve lost it so many times in the past I wasn’t even thinking about the trinket until I saw it drop.  Rolled a big ass 99  =P ; at first I thought it was someone else’s roll then realized it was mine, I jumped for joy …. and then some fag Pally comes and rolls 100. Someone told me that he hacks the game alot like fllying in Dalaran and some other stuff; I honestly don’t think one can hack rolls tho. I was like wtf. Pallies can’t even use armpen (For those who don’t know thats armor penetration).  Pallies damage comprises, like Frost and Unholy Death Knights, of spell damage however their melee damage is soley bent on spell damage boosted off of strength.  Blizz did a buff to Death Knights a few patches ago which now causes all talent trees to benefit from armpen rather than just the Blood spec.  Luckily we had a smart raid lead and he gave the trinket to me anyway despite the Pally’s 100 because he shouldn’t have rolled on it in the first place … pitiful way to lose a good roll because the next loot that dropped he lost the roll with a 2. gg.


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