So Gör has had an excellent week in WoW and its only been one day In 24 hours he’s gotten Sanctified Scourgelord Gauntlets andDeathbringer’s Will which is awesome considering the roll fail he’s been plaguing me with since the disbandment of my previous guild Sanctity.  Winning DBW has gotten rid of my need to farm ToC25 for Death’s Choice which never dropped for me and the one time it did drop, some douche in the raid linked the gear making everyone think it was the raid roll which I rolled a 95 and would have won but we ended up rolling again and he won the roll. What a douche canoe. I guess I could try out the new instance Ruby Sanctum but I cleared it once on my priest and to be honest I was’t impressed … its’ the same o same o. Nothing new. I found the zone to be a complete bore. More dragons … as if there aren’t enough in game already.  Why can’t we fight Jabberwockys or Chimeras; I think they are perfectly fitting mobs to kill and more exciting because they have some unique abilities. Or hell why can’t we fight a Medusa boss even (can you tell I like Greek myths yet?).  I mean they did the Phoenix with Alar in The Eye.  Why stop there?  Or hell even put more Satan looking bosses like Mal’Ganis or Kil,Jaeden? Satan bosses are always fun because you are sure to die by fire.

My only task now is #1 get better boots and #2 *attempt* to capture Shadowmourne ….  /sigh; a daunting task.  i cringe just to think of it because it depends on getting in a pug that can even get far enough.  On the sidelines however, I am working on collecting frosts for my tank set.  Not that I will ever tank but it’s nice to have just in case. And besides, like I learn with every new content in game that’s released, if I want to see the new content with everyone on the server flocking to get the content done, I’m going to have to spec tank because theres too much DPS as it is; its too much competition. At least everyone needs tanks and I can always call DPS rolls.

Can’t wait until Cataclysm to start off fresh. Would really like to go into Cataclysm with a new guild but doesn’t look like thats going to happen.


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