Went to Sonic drive thru and asked for a Coney Hotdog with Chilli Cheese Tots and root beer. Got my order but I noticed the bag felt kinda light. So I opened my bag and found they gave me plain tots. Backed up thru the drive thru and told the cashier, “I asked for CHILLI CHEESE tots”. Without an apology or anything I waited about 3 minutes and she came back with tots and said thank you. I took the bag but noticed it still felt light again. I was like wtf did I just get double owned? I pulled off into one of the stalls, checked my bag and what did I get? CHEESE tots, NO CHILLI!

So now I’ about rage because its hot and I’ve been dreaming about chilli cheese tots all day. So I walk up to the window but some lady, I’m assuming the manager saw me coming back and was at the door. Before I even got it out my mouth she says, “You asked for chilli cheese tots didn’t you?” and I was like “Yea”. She took my tots to correct the order and then she responds, “I’m sorry. He’s slow”. That made me lol.

She then gave me back the correct order, tots with extra chilli & cheese on top. As I pulled off, I saw the “NOW HIRING” flapping in the wind in my rear view mirror. God help them.


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