So come to find out the reason I haven’t been able to connect to PSN these last few days so I can watch my Netflix was because Sony admits today it was hacked. Its been down for 3 days now and I suspect it still won’t be up by tomorrow either.   Thank God I got to watch all my 9 seasons of The X-Files before this happened or I would be bashing heads. Many people are suspecting its some kind of anti-media/gaming organization and/or some hacker named “Anonymous” that hacks networks like PSN in order to prove their point to get people out of the online world and into reality.  Apparently their’s some free speech thing going on so they did a DoS attack on and  Reading on this subject, it seems that they have hacked PSN in the past and claimed that was their reasoning behind it.

Well guess what “Neo Anderson” and the rest of you hacking fucktards, not everyone uses their PS3’s for gaming and on top of that I really dont give a shit about your cat fight with Sony; right now YOU are looking like the asshat bad guys because you are cutting into my “ME” time. I use mine as an alternative for cable to order movies and watch TV shows and even if I did use it for gaming, its MY business and NOT YOURS to dictate what I want to do with my Playstation.  You will lose this fight, big corps always win and your 5 year old temper tandrums by bringing down the network isn’t going to solve anything but end up putting your butts in jail. And because of YOUR stupid hacking, my nieces couldn’t watch the kid movies this weekend. So your attempts to prove your point has actually backfired; I think you’re a bunch of idiots. Maybe if you hadn’t used such an annoying method of interrupting my TV time just to prove a point, I would actually somewhat support your agenda, but not now!

I just hope Sony gets the network back up soon, catches these douche-canoes and punishes them under the furthest extent of the law.

And yes Jod, I used your word “douche-canoes”.




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