Gör: Level 80 Death Knight on Mal'Ganis

Last night I decided to try something new and go Frost on Gör.  Compleeeeetly different from Unholy; it’s a whole different style of gameplay. I’ve been playing Unholy since Death Knights were released in the  expansion but unlike Unholy where technically one could faceroll and still be top dps, Frost is all about timing which is something that’s going to take a while to get used to.  The last time I played a timing based dps class was on my Enhancement Shaman from like almost 2 years ago.  Also unlike Unholy spec where one could keep up a monotonous rotation for the most part on fights like Saurfang, Frost, being a timing based spec, one cannot use the same abilities in a constant order because of procs.  On Killing Machine procs you want to utilize as much of your  Howling Blasts & Frost Strikes as much as possible.  This has caused me to reinstall the timer addon Power Auras and Proculas. Both addons are badass for keeping times up on abilities and cool downs on trinkets and spells.  In addition to that this will be my first time ever dual wielding on Gör when I’m so used to wielding 2 handers. Oh the woes of learning a new spec!

I’m gonna have to get used to sucking at dps for a while until I get my new spec together; no “moar” being #1 for a while 🙁
More on this to come …


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