One of my favorite shows is on Logo called Ru Paul’s Drag Race and its basically a reality show/competition about drag queens!  I’m not talking about sloppy drag queens like Boy George, ya know with the cakey makeup and slutty clothes and bad hair, I’m talking about professional drag queens. Theyre professional make up artists and fashion designers.  My all time favorite is Nina Flowers, although she didn’t win the first season it was really a tough decision I know because both her (eh-hem “he”) and the first place winner were awesome.  He is so sweet of a guy you just want to hug him its crazy and his style is just speechless. I love it. I was rooting for Nina though but oh well only one can win but he was still an awesome contestant.  Very professional and had a slight b-boy demeanor about him as well. I’m glad to know Ru didn’t completely discard him or any of the other contestants really, because now he’s on his new reality competition show called Ru Paul’s Drag U where real women get made over by Nina and the rest of the first season cast and they compete.

Nina is just a hot guy all around and if he wasn’t gay hell yea I’d date him. He reminds me of a guy I used to date who was gay but he never told me until I found out the hard way.  The thing is he never told me and there were no indications he was gay. He didn’t act gay or talk in the way some gay people do at all. We had so much fun together we worked in the same place, would go out together and he was just hot.  Actually he did kinda of look like Nina Flowers … and then one day at Christmas time, I’m at his house, we’re watching TV and this guy who walks in I’ve never seen before who is obviously gay, he says he’s his roommate. I’m like roommate?  And I started calculating in my head allegedly straight guy + stranger gay guy + roommate = suspect.  I was trying my best not to jump to conclusions but I couldn’t help myself. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck … then obviously, its a duck.  Turned out I was right though. Figures I would find a great hot guy … and then he’d turn out to be gay.

But back to Nina, my question is … how the hell he get those hair pieces to stay on his head when he has no hair?  Glue? ROCK ON NINA!



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