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So only being 3 weeks into my new guild … it folds … at least as far as 25mans is concerned which is pretty much all I wanted to do in the first place. The typical problems like my old guild … people not showing up for raids so they said they’re sticking with 10man heros. And I’m only 3 more souls from next quest in Shadowmourne quest line. Jeez. I don’t know what I’m going to do from this point because finding a late night guild that does 25s is like trying to find a 4-leaf clover in a field. Good luck with that. I used to look for those ya know … never found one.  It’s kinda like OMG look I found a 4-leaf clover … and then realizing once I pluck it it’s just another leaf of another nearby clover. A few times in trade I will see new guild seeking people for 25s … I am sooo leary of so-called “new guilds” because most of the time they fold.  So I guess Gör is without a home again … might be time to look for another server …. again because getting into Seraph or Delirium I know just ain’t going to happen. Transfer back to Ysondre maybe and join Brewdrinker’s?

Not feeling very happy at the moment. Guild had to settle for doing 10man ICC over our 25 and on top of that we had a pug 2 spots in which once again … boots Bone Drake’s Enameled Boots went to a pug who was tanking  but had called dps has his main spec.  One of the reasons why I was sour about my old guild because we always had to pug spots and shit went to pugs rather than guildies. FML!


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