Warming the Bench

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So my new guild isn’t running 25 mans anymore just heroic 10s in which after raiding 2 weeks in 25mans, I was promoted to Core Raider, raided 1 week as 25s raid and then boom; no one showing up for 25mans so they announced they weren’t doing them anymore.  Why time after time do I get in all these unstable guilds?  That’s one thing I miss about being in my old Ally guild was stability.  Through the good and the bad we stuck it out which is why they’ve been around since 2004 and still around.  Sure we had times people didn’t show up for raid … but we sucked it up and stuck it out. For 3 years I remained in that guild and raided almost every night and I have never been in another guild like it. FML for having to work and left the guild.

I was not invited to the heroic 10s tonight so now that means I have to pug it.  Didn’t I join a guild so I wouldn’t have to pug?  Could of sworn I did.  I was told just to still log in on time but they can clear 10mans on Lich King.  Why in the world would I log in to get saved and just to do 1 boss if any?  They said they wanted to do 10man heros and play ” with their friends ” … well I’m the new guy so I’m not hardly anyone’s friend … I can see where this will be going real quick.  I’ve been playing this game long enough time to know if you’re not in *The Clique* you warm the bench until one of the guys don’t show up and then you can fill in and get saved to a partial instance.  And when the guy shows up again, back to the bench. . And furthermore I have no interest in just doing 10mans heroic mode or otherwise’ I’ve always liked doing 25s and I want to do the top content in the game.  I can always run 10mans in a 25man guild but wouldn’t be able to obviously in a 10man guild. I could care less about the loot, I like the content. I like doing raids from start to finish because I love the challenge … I get adrenaline rush from games … it’s like my Superbowl. Tbh I never liked the 10man raid mode concept ever since Blizz introduced it into the game; I’ve always hated it. Whatever happened to when Ony was Ony … there was no easy Ony or hard Ony … or easy Ragnaros or hard Ragnaros … Rag was Rag. There was only one of them.  You could either kill him or you fuckin couldn’t.  The boss was THE BOSS and if your guild couldn’t fucking do it then oh-fuckin-well go find a new guild that can.  I mean seriously, the game is suppose to be “A World”.  There is no Easy Mode in life … if ONLY I could press the easy button everytime I went  to work.

Oh well looks like it’s back to the drawing board …
[Trade]: 6k gs unholy dk LF 25man late night guild


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