Did you know one package of Maruchan noodles is two servings? I was floored when I saw that I would have to DOUBLE the amount of stats on the nutrient facts for eating one package. If you wanted the nutrients of one pack, you would have to eat only HALF the block! And who eats half a friggin block? Nobody. When calculating your intake for the day, if you live off dried noodle packs like these, it can be very easy to overeat on sodium as the normal healthy intake for sodium for a healthy human is only about 2.0g (2000mg) to 2.5g (2500mg) and one pack of noodles has 1640mg. So one pack of noodles you’ve pretty much eaten almost your sodium limit for the day. Be careful eating these on a regular basis as part of your daily diet as it could lead to high blood pressure. Crazy.




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