A few days ago I stepped on my scale and found I was 193 lbs. I have never been this heavy in my life!  The weight didn’t just creep up on me either.  I was completely aware of my weight gain from 140 lbs but I simply got comfortable with my get up, go to work, sit at my desk all day, come home and sit at another desk all night and game life, that I essentially just did nothing about it; that was until my feet started to swell when sitting down and waking up with pins and needles feelings in my arms in the middle of the night if I slept with my arm bent.  That led to me trying to sleep splayed out like a starfish. Uncool.  Even then I kept putting it off until I went to Chicago a couple weeks ago and when I got back, I looked at my pictures and thought to myself, my god I look so chunky!

 It was at that point I said to myself I had had enough and dedicated myself to losing 53 lbs to get back down to my 140 lbs.  This is my story about my weight loss challenge.


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